Tell Tail Signs Your Cat or Dog is Ageing.

Age-related changes start small

Just like with people, age can creep up slowly on pets. Pet parents might not realise their furry friend is starting to display some age-related changes.

Have you noticed these signs?

If your 7+ pet does not show any signs of ageing consider Science PlanTM Youthful Vitality - cutting-edge food science to fight the effects of ageing for healthy senior pets.

If you see four or more of the signs of ageing then go to your vet and ask about Prescription DietTM k/dTM + Mobility – combining our best science to manage geriatric pets.

Take the quiz below by clicking on each block that you feel is relevant to your pet and click "view results" to see.


Your pet is now confused by
ordinary things like how to
find their bed, or is barking
for no reason


Bad breath, red swollen
gums, difficulty chewing,
changes in eating habits


Naps have become more
appealing than active play,
running or jumping


Signs of discomfort,
lameness or pain, difficulty
rising from rest


Your pet doesn't
socialise with you
as much as before

Impaired kidneys

Drinking more than usual,
urinating more frequently, losing
weight, loss of appetite, vomiting,
diarrhoea & weakness

Loss of control

Your pet is well trained
but has started having

Lungs and heart

Coughing, panting more
often, short of breath &
tires rapidly

Sleep-wake cycle

Sleeping patterns have
changed with more awake
time during the night


Dulling coat, lumps or bumps
skin odour, excessive scratching
licking or chewing, poor grooming

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Fight the effects of ageing

With cutting edge food science

Combining our best science

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