Combining our best science to manage senior pets

Together, let's give our senior pets a new a new lease on life!

Hill'sTM Prescription DietTM k/dTM + Mobility is clinically proven nutrition that:

  • Improves and lengthens quality of life
  • Improves mobility in as little as 21 days in dogs and 28 days in cats
  • Supports vitality and alertness in older pets
  • Has Enhanced Appetite Trigger (E.A.T.) Technology for increased caloric intake in cats
100% Guarantee*

100% Guaranteed Great Taste


We're confident your pet will enjoy Hill's foods.
In fact we’re so confident that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Transition Schedule

How to Introduce the New Food


We recommend introducing this new food over a period of weeks to help avoid any tummy upsets and for better acceptance.

Most pets don't like sudden change and are more willing to accept new things if change is gradual and they’re allowed to make choices.

For finicky and older pets or pets with health conditions, extend the transition period up to four or more weeks.

Tell Tail signs of ageing

Know the Tell Tails signs of ageing

Revolutionary technology
to detect a silent killer in
pets up to 4 years earlier