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When should I switch my pet to a senior diet?

As a guideline, cats and small to medium breed dogs are considered to be senior pets from the age of 7 years old. Large breed dogs are considered senior from the age of 5 onwards. 


Why do senior dogs need senior food? Is it really necessary to change my pet’s diet?

It is recommended to switch to a special senior food for older dogs and cats, because their nutritional needs change as they age. That means it becomes easier for them to get too little or too much of certain nutrients, leading to deficiencies and excesses.


Should senior dogs eat grain free food?

While some believe that grains can trigger allergies in dogs, your pets are more likely to have allergies or sensitivities to meat, dairy and wheat, while other grains like corn and rice can be a beneficial part of their diet.


What’s the best senior food for my pet?

This will depend on your dog’s individual needs. Small and large breeds of dogs will have different nutritional requirements, and some breeds can also be more prone to specific health conditions.

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