Meet Our Models, Tazmin and Chester

As a tribute to all the amazing pets out there who are still waiting to find their forever homes,
we chose to feature two pets from TEARS Animal Rescue in our latest campaign.


If you’re looking for an easy-going, devoted and affectionate companion who will adore you, then you just have to meet Tazmin! This delightful older girl is as sweet as can be.

Her soulful eyes, fringed with little grey lashes, endear her to everyone she meets and she gives the best cuddles – leaning in to snuggle up at every opportunity! She’d be your best friend in exchange for a nice warm, soft bed to curl up on.

What are you waiting for?

Dog Up for Adoption at tears

He’s one laid-back and affectionate debonair dude, who’s always very cheerful and seeks out attention, happily greeting visitors with a friendly meow.

He gets on well with other kitties, but especially enjoys the companionship of people - he just loves cuddles, snuggles and scratches and gives little kisses in return.

Chester would love nothing more than a family to call his own - could you show this gorgeous guy what second chances are all about?

Cat Up for Adoption at tears

Senior Pets Tears

For all adoption queries contact TEARS on 021 785 4482 or email

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