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Hill’s Science Plan Special Care Pet Food & Nutrition

Just like our kids, our pets are special to us and they all have unique, quirky and interesting things that we love about them. Sometimes these things can need a bit of special care. Whether it's a bit of a belly, hacking up a hairball or the occasional smelly fart there are things we can do to make sure they get the best out of life. At Hill's we believe that the right food for every pet's individual needs can change everything.

The Hill's Science Plan Special Care range has been developed using our years of expertise and leadership in therapeutic nutrition. With Hill's Prescription Diets being the number 1 therapeutic brand in South Africa*, you can be sure Hill's Science Plan has the benefit of incredible science - think of it as the best preventative care you can buy.

Many factors influence what food to choose for your pet including age, neuter status, breed and importantly any specific concerns like weight, dull coat, mobility problems, hairballs or flatulence.

Read more about this powerful nutrition to help decide on the best food for your pet for differences you can really see!

* Based on data for the pet specialty & vet market collected by GFK (Independent Market Research Company) as at 2019

Youthful Vitality

NEW NAME - Senior Vitality
Fight the effects of ageing

Perfect Weight

An easier, more effective way to keep weight off

Sensitive Stomach & Skin

For a shiny coat and occasional upset tummies

Healthy Mobility

Keeps joints healthy and protects mobility

Hairball Indoor

Specifically designed for cats prone to hairballs and cats living mostly indoors


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Powerful nutrition for differences you can see, feel and trust