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Don’t Let Stomach Problems Get between You and Your Pet

New improved Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d  Helps Settle a Wide Variety of Tummy Troubles

Pet tummy troubles, which often present as vomiting and diarrhoea, are as common as they are stressful.

They also occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from relatively benign to serious. The most common cause, at least in dogs, is dietary indiscretion – when they eat something they shouldn’t. Tummy troubles can also be caused by chronic or acute stress, parasites, bacterial infections and viruses. More serious causes include pancreatitis, colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

It is important to seek veterinary advice early to determine the root cause and help prevent the issues from worsening. Many veterinarians recommend therapeutic pet foods like Hill’s Prescription Diet® i/d® to help manage pets with gastrointestinal conditions.

“While chicken and rice is sometimes recommended to ease tummy troubles, it makes sense to feed sick pets a food that has been scientifically formulated with clinically proven nutrition to help manage their specific condition.” says Dr Guy Fyvie, veterinary advisor to Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa.     

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d is a range of therapeutic foods to help manage pets with gastrointestinal conditions.  Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d now features additional ingredients, making it work even harder:

All the foods in the Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d range are tasty, so your pet will be encouraged to eat even though they may not have a good appetite. Highly digestible and gentle on the stomach, Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d helps ensure the improved absorption of important nutrients. Increased electrolytes help compensate for those lost through vomiting or diarrhoea, and the formula with clinically proven antioxidant levels helps support your pet’s immune system, when they need it most.

Since causes of digestive disorders vary, Hill’s has developed a range of therapeutic foods to provide the correct nutritional support, no matter the cause. Hill’s i/d Low Fat, which also contains ginger, is suitable for dogs with disorders such as pancreatitis and hyperlipidemia that require a highly digestible, reduced fat food.  Hill’s i/d Stress is made with ingredients shown to help manage stress and anxiety-related digestive upsets.  Your vet will be able to advise you on the correct food for your pet’s particular condition.

The Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d range is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages, from kittens and puppies to adulthood.  Available in stews, pouches, cans and dry kibbles, Hill’s Prescription Diet foods are available exclusively from veterinarians around South Africa. For more information, speak to your vet or visit

Date Published: 01 March 2024