Frequently Asked Questions


Why do senior dogs need senior food? Is it really necessary to change my pet’s diet?

It is recommended to switch to a special senior food for older dogs and cats, because their nutritional needs change as they age. That means it becomes easier for them to get too little or too much of certain nutrients, leading to deficiencies and excesses.

As they get older, pets also start to slow down a bit, so they use less energy and need fewer calories in their daily diet. Consult your vet and get a full check-up for your pet, to help determine which nutrients they need most, and which they need less of. For example, pet food with less sodium and phosphorus helps to promote kidney health in older pets. Food high in omega-3 can help to ease stiff and painful joints.

Switching to a senior pet food is recommended to make sure your beloved pet can enjoy their golden years in optimum health.

Hill’s formulates every senior food specially to meet the needs of elderly dogs and cats. Read more about senior dog nutritional requirements here, and ask your vet to guide you based on your pet’s age, breed and overall health.