Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d + Mobility

Combining our best science to manage senior pets

Ageing starts at the cellular level around the age of 7, therefore nutrition needs to change as well.

k/d + Mobility
Comparison of dog cell functions
Biology changes with age

The ageing process is complex, slowing pets down both
mentally and physically.
Through more than a decade of research into how nutrition
impacts pets' cell function, we’ve learned a lot about how the
right food can help. Ageing starts at the cellular level, and
nutrition can make a difference.

k/d + Mobility
How to introduce the new food

We recommend introducing this new food over a period of weeks to help
avoid any tummy upsets and for better acceptance.

Most pets don’t like sudden change and are more willing to accept new
things if change is gradual and they’re allowed to make choices.

Tell Tail Signs of Ageing

Know the Tell Tail Signs of Ageing

How old is your pet in human terms?