Hill’s Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome dog food with Chicken
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Overall Rating

Hill’s Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome dog food with Chicken

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for improving my favourite companion’s life for the better

    Peanut absolutely loved this food from the very first time! He used to be a picky eater, but with these pellets he eats on his own! He’s not had any tummy issues & I noticed that his stools are a lot more, softer & more consistent. No more firm little balls or runny/watery stools. It cleans up like a breeze, little soft brown logs with no pungent odour. Because of lockdown, no parlour grooming took place so his hair is a bit on the long side but his overall skin condition has improved remarkably! No more dandruff-like scabs & the constant itching & chewing of his paws have stopped, just giving it a lick or two occasionally, but overall a lot more happiness all around! His ears also look great, no more redness or little scabs on the inside. He actually barks for his food now if I don’t give it to him on time! I’d most definitely recommend this food to pet owners who are battling with picky eaters or chronic colitis issues. The last couple of months on the food has made a huge difference! Peanut is a very happy & healthy 9-year Yorkie boy at the moment! Hill’s GI Biome is UNBELIEVABLE !!

    Peanut | Port Elizabeth | 6 months ago

  • Finlay's stools are a pleasure to pick up

    Finlay suffered from bouts of borborygme, vomiting & diarrhoea. His tummy noises used to wake the household in the night! He often skips meals and isolates himself from family when not feeling well. Since starting his 2nd bag of food, Finlay’s borborygme has completely stopped; I’ve not heard any sounds coming from his stomach. His appetite has improved greatly: he’s gone from a dog who was extremely reluctant to eat to a dog who’s first in line at meal times & who barks if he’s not fed quick enough. He finishes all his food & doesn’t skip meals, unlike before. His stool quality has improved, they’re now perfectly shaped & the right consistency. Whereas before they were sloppy/soft serve. Not only has Fin’s life changed for the better, so has mine in the fact that he’s now a much happier dog, his stools are a “pleasure” to pick up & he no longer wakes me up with his stomach noises. I’d tell others whose dogs suffer from the same symptoms to definitely try the food as it really works & makes a massive difference. “It is life changing!” A massive thank you to Hill's for increasing the quality of my boy's life.

    Finlay | Midrand | 6 months ago

  • Charlie's gas outlets have become vastly less offensive!

    Charlie is a 13 year old Jack Russell who was not looking or feeling his normal happy self, not eating well and his stools were very soft and not normal. All blood tests that we had run were normal. We have tried the Hill's Prescription Diet GI Biome food and his enthusiasm for eating has returned. His stools have returned to normal and as such his mood and condition has improved. His gas outlets have also become vastly less offensive! We would recommend this food to anyone who's pet is having tummy problems or generally not feeling well (with no other diagnosis) as this food has really helped our little old man feel better again.ati!

    Charlie | Midrand | 6 months ago

  • A cure to diarrhoea disguised as dog food.

    Since starting Basil on Hills GI Biome, he has not had a single episode of diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort. He defecates once a day in the afternoon without any urgency or pain. His stools are firm and well formed. Basil's quality of life has definitely improved as there is no more urgency to defaecate or getting up in the middle of the night for this reason. His bathroom habits are now like clockwork and worrying about him and his intermittent bouts of diarrhoea is a thing of the past! If you have a dog struggling with any sort of intestinal upsets or if you are suspecting your dog might have IBS, don't struggle with all sorts of expensive medications and remedies, this is the one-pack solution to all the upset stomach problems!balls.

    Basil | Midrand | 6 months ago

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