About the K9 Anti-poaching Team

Referred to as “game changers” in the war against rhino poaching, the K9 Anti poaching units in wildlife parks across South Africa are proving to be one of the most effective deterrents against endangered species poaching in South Africa.

Generally the Shepherd or Malinois is known as a hot spoor or detection dog. They have the ability to track spoor that is reasonably fresh and if necessary attack on command from their handler. They are used at park gates and are specialists in detecting ammunition and wildlife products.

The Bloodhound - Doberman cross is known as a cold spoor dog and have the ability to track spoor that is 18 hours old. They are used in the field and will track human scent while on a long lead supported by their handler. They will then alert their handler when close to humans and this assists in flushing poachers out of their hiding spots.

95 % of poacher arrests have K9 involvement.

The cost of training these K9s can vary from R40,000 to R65,000 depending on how many scents they will be trained to follow.

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