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Tips For Playing With Your Puppy Outside

Planning on taking your puppy for an outdoor playdate but not sure what to do? Here are some handy tips and tricks to use that will help your pup have fun & socialise safely.

Get Prepared With a Puppy Play Pack

Start things off by getting all the things you might need in a small backpack before you head out of the house. Things to include are:

Choose A Safe Location To Play

One of the biggest fears that many new pet owners have is the worry that their pup will run away. For this reason, it may seem better to stay & play indoors, but most dogs like to socialise & it's vital for their growth to take them out whilst they’re still pups. PetMD recommends taking them for a walk around the neighbourhood to see and interact with humans and other furry friends alike.

When choosing a play spot, find out from your Veterinarian if they host any puppy play dates. These are generally pretty organised and include fun and training with dogs of a similar size. If you do join one of these groups, make sure that they’re up-to-date on their vaccination & deworming schedules.

When starting any outdoor activities with your puppy, less is more - as they’re very easily distracted. Once you’ve taken your pup out to small, enclosed areas or well-organised puppy play dates, give your community dog park a try but make sure it's fenced. Playing fetch is way more fun when they don’t have to be attached to a leash.

Ensure that their collar sits snugly around their neck, but not too tight that it makes them uncomfortable. If your puppy does wander off, make sure you have a photo of your dog at hand and that your pup has an ID tag on their collar with your phone number.

Outdoor Game Ideas For Puppies

Outdoor games like fetch & frisbee might not be the ideal game for untrained, easily distracted, puppies as they need to be let off their leash, which means there’s a higher chance of them wandering off and you having to chase after them.

When your pup is young, try to play games that include interaction at close range since it helps to improve the bond between you and your puppy. Tug-of-war with a rope is a great choice, as it meets the chew needs of your puppy and it expends quite a bit of energy.

Soccer is another great game as it allows your puppy to tackle the ball and it keeps them nearby.

What To Do Next

Once you and your puppy have mastered playing in your local community and they’re following basic commands, it may be time to try some bigger outdoor activities. Hiking is a good way for them to get exercise & to bond with you, which is great for building their mental growth & development.

Once you’ve figured out what your puppy likes best, be sure to try these activities a few times a month to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Be sure to reinforce basic commands at home and during outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if your pup has setbacks or forgets what it has learned, keep looking for new outdoor playdates to enjoy together.