Puppy Advice For The First Time At The Beach | Hill's Transforming Lives

Preparing for Your Puppy’s First Beach Outing

Taking your puppy to the beach for the first time can be an awesome adventure! Make sure you know the rules of the beach and take the proper precautions to make it a fun, safe and memorable trip for you and your pooch.

Choose A Dog-Friendly Beach

Many beaches allow dogs, although they typically have rules like requiring that all dogs stay on the leash, or keep away from specific areas of the beach. Do a bit of research beforehand – speak to your vet and other local dog-lovers about the best dog-friendly beaches in your area. 

Plan Your Trip

If you live near the beach, you’ll have a quick and easy trip, but if you live further inland you’ll need to do a little extra planning. For a longer drive, plan for regular short breaks so your puppy can stretch their legs and relieve themselves. And if you’re travelling away from your home neighbourhood, look up contact details for emergency vet services near the beach you’re visiting – just in case your puppy needs medical attention for any reason.

What to Pack

When you go to the beach, you always make sure you’ve got what you need to stay safe and have fun. Taking your dog to the beach is no different. 

Here are some supplies you'll want to bring to keep your puppy safe and ensure a relaxing day:

Beach Safety Tips for Dog-Lovers

Here are some smart safety tips and a few things to consider before you and your pup hit the beach:

When you’re ready to head home, take a moment to rinse the saltwater and sand off your puppy’s coat. This will prevent itching, scratching and licking.

Once your puppy is more confident on the beach and you’ve gotten used to the safety precautions, you'll find it easier to enjoy more spontaneous beach days with your canine companion.