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Learning Through Playing

Playtime with Your Puppy is Serious Business

Playing with your new puppy is so much fun, giving both of you the chance to exercise, unwind and bond with each other. Playtime is also at the very heart of your dog’s early training. 

"Play-and-learn" games are perfect for exercising your puppy’s mind as well as their muscles.

Toys vs Temptations: Teach Your Puppy the Difference

Have an assortment of pet toys available for your puppy, and always keep these toys separate from other items that your puppy might try to chew on – like your shoes and socks or your kids’ toys. 

Get your puppy used to the idea of playing with their own special toys, and this will help to prevent bad habits like chewing on shoes and other “off-limits” items in your home.

Give your puppy a choice of age-appropriate and size-appropriate toys to play with, such as: 

The Best Play-and-Learn Games for Puppies

Puppies are often energetic and will enjoy active games, but start off slowly and be sure not to over-exert them. Play sessions should last a few minutes at a time, and end before your puppy gets bored. This means they’ll be more excited to play again later. 

Here are a few games to play with your puppy:

As your puppy gets older and more accustomed to playtime, you can consider something a little more advanced, like joining a training club with other puppies in their age group. Your vet will be happy to give you details of puppy training schools and facilities in your area, and can also recommend some reputable training books or websites.