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Choosing the Best Toys for Your Dog

One of the best things about dogs is how playful they tend to be, especially in their younger years. Toys are an important part of your puppy's mental and physical development. What should you consider when choosing safe, fun and enriching toys for your puppy or dog?

Age and Stages of Development

Different stages of your pet's life require different types of toys, so keep the age of your puppy or dog in mind.

There are lots of great chew toys and rope toys available for dogs of all ages, with options to match your dog's size and personal chewing habits. Ask your vet for some suggestions.

Toy Texture and Durability 

Different materials and textures suit different types of dogs depending on their chewing behaviours. Naturally, a breed like a petite Yorkshire Terrier is unlikely to chew their toys as hard as a big and boisterous German Shepherd or an enthusiastic Golden Lab. 

Smaller breeds will need softer chew toys, while bigger and more vigorous chewers will need a tougher texture.

Toys that are too soft can break into smaller pieces and cause a choking hazard; don't give larger dogs toys that can easily be chewed into pieces they might ingest. Replace toys that are starting to show signs of damage. 

Smart Sizing

The right size of toy is important as well. Smaller dogs will need toys that can be comfortably held in a smaller jaw. Meanwhile, bigger breeds will need something that can't be easily swallowed. As a general rule, any toy small enough to fit behind your dog's rear molars is a choking hazard.

Popular Types of Toys for Puppies and Dogs

Even with all this information, navigating the toy aisle can be a bit confusing. As you shop, consider these different toy varieties and your pooch's preferences, to help you find the perfect plaything.

Every dog has their preferences, and some will even have a treasured "favourite" toy that they refuse to part with. Choosing the right toys will ensure that your pet enjoys fun and safe playtime activities, and gets the most out of every play session.