Puppy Care Tips On How Nutrition Affects Your Dog | Hill's Transforming Lives

Nutrition and your pup’s behaviour

Most of us believe that a dog’s behaviour is determined exclusively by breed, the environment and training (or lack of it). However, this is not entirely true and there are a few other factors that contribute. Yes, certain dog breeds have stereotypically common behavioural characteristics such as boisterousness or a guarding instinct. Furthermore, how you raise and train your puppy has a significant impact on their behaviour and personality in their adult life. 

The environment also affects how your pup will behave as an adult. Despite the importance of all the factors we’ve mentioned, there is one other powerful contributor that affects your dog’s behavioural development, and that is dog nutrition. If you want to bring out the best in your dog and keep him healthy, your dog nutrition plan is of the utmost importance.

The key to understanding how dog nutrition affects your dog's behaviour is to look at his energy levels. Like us, dogs expend energy in virtually every activity they participate in; whether they are simply thinking, being walked, trained or playing. Energy is always being used so it is vital that your pet food provides the right amount of nutrients to keep his energy levels up. However, a delicate balance of nutrients also needs to be mindfully kept. Dogs with a rich diet in incomplete proteins tend to be overly boisterous because of the excess energy this food provides - which most dogs battle to put to use in a positive way. The surplus energy can manifest in various negative ways such as hyperactivity or destructiveness in the home.

On the other hand, some foods don’t supply enough energy. If you walk your dog for hours every day without suitable dog nutrition, your dog can feel the brunt of the negative effects malnutrition can have. Insufficient nutrition can result in numerous health problems, including:

This highlights why ensuring that your dog receives a diet specifically designed to provide the optimal balance in dog nutrition is vital. After all, the right dog nutrition plan will ensure that your pet’s true personality will shine through, and not be affected negatively by what they eat.