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Your New Kitten’s Good Grooming Guide: Brushing 101

When it comes to grooming, kittens are fastidious; they clean themselves multiple times a day. Occasionally though, they need a little help from their humans.

Grooming your kitten gives you a great opportunity to bond and make a fuss over them. It’s also good for their wellbeing, as it helps to remove loose hairs that could otherwise build up into hairballs.

Short-haired kittens can be groomed once a week, while long-haired breeds may require daily brushing. Ask your vet for advice on the proper grooming schedule for your kitten or cat.

Did You Know? Cats usually moult in spring, so your kitten may need some extra grooming help from you during this time of the year.

Brushing a kitten for the first time

Here are some tips for getting a new kitten used to being groomed.

Your vet will be happy to advise you on the right brush and/ or comb for your kitten’s coat.

Grooming is a great opportunity for a health check

Once your kitten is used to being brushed, you can use your grooming sessions to check up on their overall health. Gently examine the different areas of your kitten’s body during grooming.

If you handle your kitten regularly from a young age, they’ll get used to it and realise there’s nothing to be frightened of. Brushing can be a fun and relaxing bonding experience for you and your furry friend if you take things slowly and let them get used to it.