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Protecting Your Cat from Fleas & Worms

When your new kitten is settling in, they’ll undoubtedly love all of the fuss and attention lavished on them by the household. However, you’ll also need to protect your cat from parasites like fleas, worms and even mites. These common pests will at some point or another enter your kitten’s life. They aren’t that harmful and are fairly easy to get rid of. Simply speak to your vet and they will recommend all of the best ways to prepare for and resolve any challenges you and your furry friend have with parasites. In the meantime, here are some top tips to get you started:

Protecting your kitten from fleas

Even with regular treatments, your kitten still may pick up fleas in and around your home. After all, fleas do tend to lay eggs in almost any nook and cranny around the property. If you find your kitten scratching, look for tiny brown dots in its fur and remove these with tweezers - placing them onto a wet tissue. If they turn a red/brown shade they might be flea dirt. This means you’ll need to chat to your vet about getting a can of spray to disinfect your soft furnishings. Remember to also disinfect your vacuum cleaner after it’s used in the area.

Protecting your kitten from worms

As a pet owner, this is one of the more common health problems you’ll need to watch out for your new kitten. The Roundworm is the common infestation in kittens and when in adult cats, Tapeworms become commonplace too. Look out for weight loss, bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. Keep an eye out for any kind of fussing and irritation with your kitten's bottom. It’s also a good idea to regularly get your kittens treated for worms at your vet. They will advise on the best treatment and scheduling. Most kittens will get a monthly deworming for the first 6 months of their lives and then every annual quarter thereafter.