Prescription Diet d/d™ Range For Dogs with Food Allergies

Prescription Diet d/d
For Food Allergies

For dogs with confirmed food allergies from known or suspected sources, feeding a diet with a novel protein such as duck or salmon, can also help to reduce reactions or intolerances to more common food ingredients.

Prescription Diet d/d is hypoallergenic nutrition clinically proven to help avoid adverse food reactions and improve digestion and skin health. It is formulated using a single novel protein that your pet is unlikely to be allergic to. It also contains high levels of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to support skin health and break the cycle of inflammation.

Skin conditions can be managed long-term on Hill's Prescription Diet d/d.

<p><span>Prescription Diet d/d</span><br /><span>For Food Allergies</span></p>
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