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Healthy Pet Food to Manage
Allergies and Skin Conditions

The power of nutrition

What you feed your pet plays an important role in managing allergies and skin conditions. Hill’s Prescription Diet has a range of products specifically formulated to help protect your pet’s skin as well as heal and recover more efficiently.

For environmental allergies

Prescription Diet™ Derm Defense™ is formulated with Histaguard Complex™, a proprietary blend of egg, antioxidants and ingredients rich in polyphenols which reduces signs of environmental allergies by disrupting the internal allergy response and breaking the cycle of inflammation and itching. It also contains vitamin A, zinc and essential fatty acids to support skin rejuvenation. 

For food allergies

Feeding hydrolysed or unique protein sources such as venison, duck or salmon can also help reduce reactions or intolerances to more common food ingredients. Prescription Dietz/d is the golden standard elimination diet to identify and manage a true food allergy as the protein molecules in this highly hydrolysed nutrition are so small that a pet’s immune system cannot detect or react to them.

Tips for Senior Pets
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