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How long will food take to help my pet’s skin condition?

Skin conditions are complicated and there’s no standard answer for how long food can take to help. Some conditions can be cleared up within a few weeks by feeding the right type of food, but others require a multimodal treatment approach and resolution can take longer and is more gradual.

Do you have samples of the product?

All our products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can try the new product with confidence that if you are not satisfied with the food, we will give you your money back.

How do I change my pet over to a new food?

Remember you should transition your pet on to the new food by gradually introducing the food over 5-10 days.


Can I mix wet and dry food?

With most of our products, mixing wet with dry of the same product is fine.

My dog's hair is falling out excessively, especially during hot summer periods. What can I do to treat this?

While it is natural for some breeds to shed more hair in summer, it could well be a sign of a skin condition. 


Is Derm Complete available for cats?

Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete is not available for cats. If your cat has a skin condition, ask your vet about our Prescription Diet d/d and z/d range.

Is Derm Complete available in a mini kibble?

Yes, Prescription Diet Derm Complete is available in a mini kibble to suit the smaller mouths of mini dogs.

Are the Prescription Diet skincare products suitable for puppies?

We do not recommend that you feed Prescription Diet Derm Complete, Derm Defense, z/d or d/d to puppies. Speak to your vet about options for puppies.

What are hot spots and can food help?

Hot spots are areas of localised pyoderma (bacterial skin infection) that are inflamed, full of puss and intensely itchy. They generally occur due to self-trauma – scratching, licking and biting of the skin due to itchiness that can be caused by flea or environmental allergies, foreign body (e.g. grass awn) and possibly food allergy.


Do you recommend frequently washing your dog to help with their skin condition?

It depends on the skin condition. For environmental allergies it may be helpful to wash regularly to reduce the contact of allergens (e.g. pollen) with the skin, especially during the hotter seasons and when exposure has been high, such as after having taken your dog for a walk in a bushy area.

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