As a tribute to all the amazing pets out there who are still waiting to find their forever homes,
we chose to feature pets from TEARS Animal Rescue in latest campaign.

In return Hill's was committed to finding happy homes for them. We're excited to announce that all of them have gone from the shelter to stardom and found loving homes!

Meet our heroes

Meet the heroes of the Hill's Digestive Care product portfolio - the noses, paws and tales that bring our campaign to life!

Digby and the gang are shelter pets from TEARS who found their forever homes.

Meet Digby

Dashing Digby is our budding hipster! Who can resist that wiry coat and silver beard? He's a cool, confident kid who takes things in his stride.

On leash, he's a peach - friendly to all who pass! He just loves balls and he thinks fetch is the best game on earth! He gets along great with other dogs, cats and children and is housetrained.

Digby and his sister Barkley are looking for their forever home - could you be the one to make their dreams come true?

Meet Honey

Honey is as sweet as her name implies. This gorgeous lass takes life in her stride - sitting serenely on the top of her scratch post in between sleeps and affectionate cuddles.

Think golden glow and smooth flow and you've got Honey down to a T!

Meet Imogen

Imogen has had more than her fair share of misfortune. Uplifted from living at the end of a chain, this once disheveled, emaciated bag of bones has transformed into the femme fatale of TEARS along with the help of Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Stress.

A charismatic blend of affectionate soul mate and keen student with a splash of independent flare, this bouncy beach babe is athletic, fun-loving and always ready to go!

Would you be willing to give her the home she's been barking for?

Meet TJ

Looking for a partner in life's adventures? Meet TJ, our resident beach bum who loves all things surf and sun!

Ever keen for a game of rough and tumble or a romp around the doggie park, this energetic, bubbly and playful boy brims with mischievous charm and has a penchant for showing off.

The life and soul of the party, he gets on well with people and other dogs.

TJ is waiting to be your ticket to fun and adventure!

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An interesting twist for Imogen

Imogen, our Border Shepherd, suffered from severe anxiety when she first came to TEARS back in 2015.

Shelter pets often suffer with GI and stress related issues. In 2016 she started eating Prescription Diet i/d stress and is a fun-loving beach babe who loves people and is the center of attention at TEARS.

If you are concerned that you don't live near TEARS in Cape Town, and would like to adopt one of these pets, then let us know! We'll arrange transport by road or air within South Africa to their new forever

Contact TEARS on
021 785 4482